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"....he sets off fireworks that color the sky with bright colors."
Jim Santella, Cadence Magazine

Mike at State Theater"My new CD STEP BACK is a compilation of many of my favorite songs. Each of them has influenced me in one way or another. I had to get them "on vinyl" as soon as I could - like a painter needs to get a grouping of colors and textures on his canvas before he can think of another creation. Well I can't paint.so I hope you enjoy stepping back with me (Please go to the "CD" page to listen to previews and/or purchase this compilation of classic jazz songs). "

In the Washington D.C. area the Mike Thornton Jazz Quartet plays at: Twins Lounge, Bohemian Caverns, Twins Jazz, State Theatre, Bistro Europa, the Ice House Cafe, the Kennedy Center, Bangkok Blues, and outdoor concerts throughout the region.

"In the jazz-pop spectrum, he fits somewhere between Mark Murphy and Steve Tyrell
-- not bad company."
Mike Joyce, Washington Post

Moving to New York City in 1984, Mike created a Big Band with New York's Steve Weisberg, performing around NYC, as well as a 90 minute NPR Radio show Mike created : The 1990's Radio Hour. . . and a Half". The show was taped live and broadcast around the northeast U.S.

In NYC, Mike Thornton's Jazz Quartet played clubs like the 55 Club, Arthur's Tavern, Cleopatra's Needle, The Garage, Red Blazer, Augie's, and Torch.

"He's unique. Twisting each vowel and consonant into a series of
related musical tones, he gathers the best of both worlds: the dexterity of an
instrumentalist and the lyrical passion of a singer."

"Thornton shows his deep love for fun-loving Swing,
soulful ballad interpretations and uptempo romps with a clear, baritone voice
and vibrant expression."

"....a Jazz singer who possesses the right combination of skills
to make things work out in almost any situation."

Jim Santella, Cadence Magazine