Photo: André Chung 


Online Fan reviews, 12/20/17 (My One and Only Love)

“I would not be surprised if it was used as part of a romantic movie soundtrack and it became a big hit for this artist.”

“I found myself really enjoying the beat of this song and as soon as the singer started singing, I fell in love. This song would be something I would listen to over and over again.”

“This song is amazing. The vocals and instrumentals all melt together perfectly. This is a song that I would love to have on my playlist so I can listen to over again.”

“The singer’s voice has a very impressive presence and style. The piano’s melody is very sophisticated and also brings a jazz feel to the track.”

“Very peaceful and mesmerizing. I absolutely felt at peace listening to this song, and it reminded me of the snow that’s on the ground and the Christmas cheery vibe that surrounds this time of year!”

“I could see myself just sitting in front of a romantic fire on a rug with the one I love. Just relaxing in each others arms being together falling in love again.”

“The singer has a beautiful voice like Frank Sinatra. I like this song, it is very relaxing and nice.”

“What a cool, calm class & jazzy piece. I love the singer’s voice. Very smooth & perfect for the lyrics.”