Fan Notes

“….It’s amazing how much depth and complexity you really wrangle out of a piano and your voice. I did not want this to end.  Keep up the great work.”

“….The vocals are deep and appealing. The melody is tuneful and interesting. The lyrics are meaningful and heartwarming. The instrumentals are full and rich. And the sound and production quality is clear and crisp.”

“….Wonderful opening. Mike with a velvety smooth voice, like butter. He sings an old favorite and absolutely own it. Real talent is so rare and he has it. Instrumentals are mellow, easy and lovely. It’s great!”

“….I found myself really enjoying the beat of this song and as soon as the Thornton started singing, I fell in love. This song would be something I would listen to over and over again.”

“….The vocals and instrumentals all melt together perfectly. This is a song that I would love to have on my playlist so I can listen to over again.”

“….I like the deep quality of the Mike Thornton’s voice; it’s more modern than Sinatra but retains his warmth.”

“….Really liked the piano in this piece and once he started singing, wow! Really pleasantly surprised and truly enjoyed this song. Way to go Mike Thornton.”